The New Era of Alternate Investments
What is the most crucial asset to people in these times of need? Money. Preserving money in this inflation is very challenging and can cause even the best minds to go broke. A 10.9% inflation rate urged many companies to increase their product prices to all-time highs. This resulted in a drought of jobs and employment.
Similarly, the start of 2019 saw the global unemployment rate rise to unimaginable pinnacles. The unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak and improper planning partially caused this chaos. The mayhem spotlighted the importance of long-term investments for job earners and small businesses. In such times of need, Off-Chain Yields provide a path to escape with the help of alternate investments.
Off-Chain Yields caters to a whole load of investment venues with a professional and exclusive portfolio. The company targets the vulnerability of investing in complex sectors with precise and comprehensive details for the layman. Even if you have yet to learn how to invest and track your investments, you do not have anything to worry about. The platform holds tremendous pride in transparency and traceability in the processing. The complete operation is illustrated and presented to the investor. The idea behind Off-Chain Yields is to entertain not only the crypto holders but also those that want to invest using fiat currency and earn fortunes. Thus came into existence, Off-Chain Yields.

Democratization as a Service

Even though cryptocurrency has introduced much-needed security and transparency in transactions, it takes a specific procedure to be eligible for crypto dealings. A particular crypto license is required to be a crypto dealer. This license is the proof of authenticity and accountability, which assures the user of their assets. The permit will allow the corporations to act as dealers and access transactions on their platforms. Usually, it would take around 3-6 months for a license to be registered, and only after a rigorous procedure will it be completed. The course cannot be forwarded by extra payment and will only be concluded after the due diligence.
The time could be a factor for some, but the whopping $1,000,000 registration fee is something that trembles most companies. Generating an amount like this can uproot the whole budget of the company and drag them to the brink of no return.
The ones strong enough would survive an ordeal like this while the others would crumble. The only way is to rent the license, which would bring the expense to a meager 1-2% of the original payment. With that being said, Off-Chain Yields has introduced an original service of democratization for crypto dealers. If you do not have the funds to purchase an exclusive license for your business, fret not, we got you. You can get your license through us without any hassle in the world.

One for All, All for One

Off-Chain Yields is a company for people of all traits and designations. Whether you are an Investor, Promoter, Fintech, Channel Partner, Digital Exchange, or Pool Funders, we have a place for you. However, the range of the system does not limit to the aforementioned, for there is something for everyone here. The platform offers a lot more to its consumers than just a financial return on their investments.
The service provides a gateway into the technological future. We focus on the industries leading the way toward a better tomorrow. You get a lot more value for your money thanks to our in-depth examination and inspection of the sectors. Off-Chain Yields has simplified today’s luckiest businesses. For the greatest good of the people, we prioritize investing in the most lucrative industries.
If you have any asset that you would want to advertise in front of potential buyers and get its desired worth? We can help you with that. If you have an antique to sell, are a fan of art, a real estate agent, a business mogul, a broker, or even running a business or financing one, we have opportunities for you all. Off-Chain Yields is open to joining hands with potential partners so that we can help each other in the long run.

Digital/ Conventional Currency

Off-Chain Yields is software for all. No matter if you want to invest in an asset or have your asset showcased in the marketplace, Off-Chain Yields is the way to go. The volatility and instability of cryptocurrency have wrecked the market and caused millions of people to lose fortunes. Now that the crypto prices have reached an all-time low, the holders need an escape route. Off-Chain Yields not only handles the cryptocurrency of the holders but also allows them to either earn profits in fiat or even in crypto itself.
I know what you must be thinking, is this only for the crypto holders? Well, the answer is No. Even fiat currency holders can extract profits through investment opportunities in their portfolios.
When compared to the days it can take for a bank to validate a transaction when using traditional methods like ACH or wire transfers, the speed at which the system can process digital currency payments is significant. It can be pretty costly to do international currency exchanges. However, digital currency eliminates these difficulties and costs. Transactions proceed at the same rate around-the-clock, every day of the week. However, they don’t need the help of a financial institution.


In the event that you’re looking to sell a well-known masterpiece, you’ll need to locate a vendor willing to accept millions of dollars to buy it. For obvious reasons, this lowers the pool of potential buyers who have access to sufficient liquid funds to justify their purchase. Yet if we reduce the painting to a mere token. After that, we can divide up the ownership of the artwork among several people. This process of tokenization allows for the divisibility-free conversion of assets into tokenized forms.
By eliminating the need for traditional intermediaries like banks, tokens help businesses cut costs. This technology significantly shortens the lag time between making a payment and receiving the funds. Moreover, investments in renewable energy can be pricey. For this reason, tokens issued against them will attract more investors and foster a culture of confidence.

The Only Way To Go

Off-Chain Yields is not here to do its part but take over the financial market with luscious benefits. The aim is to reach the corners of the market that expense the most profits and help make a sustainable empire.