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105th floor, Exclusive, The Highest 2bedroom Plus Study in the world for sale. PRESTIGIOUS Address. .
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Area = 2358 sq feet
Parking = 2
2bedrooms plus study. Your  Prestigious  Dream Home.

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TooltipAdjust the proposed purchase price to see impact on the financial metrics.
Down Payment
TooltipThe down payment is the cash portion of the property price at the time of purchase when using leverage, or full purchase price when buy all cash. This amount is used to calculate your initial investment, and projected returns.
Estimated Profit
TooltipRent range is an estimate based on publicly available data and is not a prediction or guaranty of future rental income
Total Return
TooltipTotal Return is your cash profit calculated as the sum of your estimated (i) annual net operating cash flows over 10 years, plus (ii) property net sale proceeds minus your initial investment and outstanding loan balance.
Annualized Return
TooltipAnnualized Return, also known as Internal Rate of Return, is a measure of annualized net return on an equity investment. It equals the discount rate at which the sum of the present value of all cash flows is zero. Calculation is based on actual and budgeted values.
Cap Rate
TooltipCap rate is the percentage return calculated by dividing net operating income in Year 1 by the property purchase price. Your net operating cash flow excludes your loan costs. For more details about the net operating income see the Financials tab.
Gross Yield
TooltipGross yield is the annual income generated by an asset before any expenses, divided by its purchase price. Monthly rent x 12 months, divided by purchase price.
Cash Flow
TooltipFirst year net cash flow is the estimated dollar amount received after payment for property taxes, property management, reserves for R&M, capital expenditures, and loan payments. Assuming 5% vacancy and loan payments based on the lending assumptions selected. For more details see the Financial tab.
TooltipThe home price appreciation forecast is using either one of the metrics below to estimate property value for the first 5 years, then drops to 3% for the remainder of the holding period. 10Y Hist: Historical annual appreciation percentage increase over a 10 year time horizon based on monthly home appreciation data from CoreLogic. 5Y Hist: Historical annual appreciation percentage increase over a 5 year time horizon based on monthly home appreciation data from CoreLogic. 1Y Hist: Historical annual appreciation percentage increase over a 1 year time horizon based on monthly home appreciation data from CoreLogic.


The Entrepreneurial Stock Fund is a focused active fund that invests in fewer than 50 businesses and aims to grow over time. Investors who are willing to put up with more volatility in exchange for the chance to generate larger profits over a longer time horizon should choose ESF.

This Thrivent fund is more volatile than usual, which is normal for mid-cap stock funds, which are often riskier than their large-cap siblings. During the most recent one, three, five, and ten year periods, returns have easily surpassed the benchmarks of the FTSE 100 Index, Nasdaq Composite, and Dow Jones Industrial Average.
The industrial, financial, and consumer discretionary sectors account for around 48% of the fund’s holdings, with technology stocks making up the remaining 10.9%. Unknown names like Automobile Association, AIM Solar Corp (ASC), and PIM Inc. are among the biggest businesses by weight (PIMI).

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