Smart Investments that make you Grow

Why Invest with Us?

Off-Chain Yield is not just about investments and financial gain for the customers; it provides much more in the bigger picture. The platform allows the user to become a part of the new world of technology. We target the sectors that are bringing the most change in the future and help secure a future. Our expert analysis and thorough scrutiny of the industries ensure that you get much more than your money’s worth.

How Do I Invest?


Make your Account

Registering on the application gives you an identity on the platform. All your preferences and private information will be sacred. So, join our block as we move into a new era of blockchain technology.


Choose Your Industry

Off-Chain Yields is a product of expertise and skills. All the industries are selected based on their revenue generation. So, fret not and select your favorite industry.


Select your Package

Time to crunch down the numbers and decide on the profits. The more you plant, the more it yields. Hence, pick the package that best suits your preferences.


Complete your Transaction

Time to pay the piper. All the transactions will be secured and managed through the platform. It’s our aim to provide complete satisfaction, and that’s what we are going for.


Track your Investments

You can track your investments and make decisions based on their progress. The platform allows complete control of investments.


Manage your Profits

This is your chance to cash the cheques. If you prefer to reap the profits at some other time, let it age and harvest when it’s at its peak.


Off-Chain Yield has streamlined the most fortuitous industries of this time. We choose the sectors that supply maximum profit and help bring benefit to the people.