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A partner program has been introduced for people who want to take benefits from the Off-Chain Yields platform. The program will give those with assets a chance to showcase their products in the international market. The forum will attract potential customers from around the world who would be the perfect match for you. So, wait no further and become a part of the Off-Chain Yields community. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be on your way to becoming a partner.

Our Partners

Registering Yourself

First things first. Let’s get you registered to the platform. All you have to do is fill out a general information form with a few necessities. Make sure to present authentic information since this will be used in future transactions. Fret not; your data will remain private.


After you have registered to the application, you will find yourself on the homepage. You may alter your information or perform the presented operations. An asset can be enlisted through a user-friendly listing form where you will be asked to enter all the relevant information. The data will be used in the listing, so make sure it is accurate to the dot. You will be presented with two options for your asset either you can define a base selling price or initiate a request for a bidding process. At the end of the form, a small transaction fee will be mentioned, which will allow the listing to be verified and sold to the potential customer.


After the form is submitted, the system will receive it in the form of a request. A local officer will be present at your location, which will determine the authenticity of the item and offer. After the analysis, an estimated worth will be generated by the officer. Since it is your asset in the first place, your consent is detrimental to the transaction. The process will progress further with your agreement.


Your work is done here. Now, all you need to do is wait as we scrutinize the customers and get you the best customer possible. If the offer matches your presented requirements, a deal will be reached. Once the agreement is reached, we will list your asset on the platform according to its category. Our aim here is to facilitate the sale and provide a comfortable environment for you.
For additional information on the Partner Program, contact us.
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