Securing a future through Crypto

Why we started

There are more than 10,000 crypto currencies in this world and it’s increasing as you are reading this. As we are stepping into Industry 4.0 and moving towards the 5.0 era, our problems don’t remain the same as they were before. In the times of physical banks, the determents of security and accountability had pondered great discussions. Crypto currency was invented to conduct financial transactions without depending on banks or governments solely. It is seen as the savior in the times of technological advancement. However, the volatility of a cryptocurrency is the primary risk associated with trading it. Unanticipated shifts in market sentiment might result in abrupt price fluctuations. Early in 2022, a precipitous decline in cryptocurrency values precipitated a liquidity crisis among crypto investors and lenders. What if there was a way to reduce your risk and secure your investments. Enter Off-Chain Yield!

Our Beneficiaries

Our Aim

We plan to present the investors with complete control over their investments. Off-Chain Yield will accommodate the investors through a comprehensive and thorough process where they can convert their cryptocurrency into fiat products. We want to provide stability to the investors and allow them to salvage from the volatility of crypto.
We hold these mantras dear to our hearts.

Customer Oriented

Our solution is custom-made for your needs. We know how much risk there is in crypto trading and investments. Off-chain yield is specifically tailored to ensure you keep your money intact.


We back up what we say with action. We never make promises we can’t deliver. We go for the bare minimum of complexity and functionality.


High-quality training and continuous development help us provide you with trustworthy, data-driven solutions at transparent pricing you can rely on.


We prioritize establishing lasting relationships when dealing with clients, staff, and vendors. As a business, we plan for the long term rather than the next quarter.

Who We Are

Off-Chain Yield is the complete experience for crypto investors. The platform guides the investors through the steps from browsing their interest in investing all the way to the transaction. To us, your friendship matters more than all the gold in this world.

Us As Individuals

Our customers recognize us as leaders in cryptocurrency and the apex investees in this ever-changing technological world. Our dedication to heritage and our strong sense of purpose, determination, and discipline enable us to stand out as a model organization. Off-Chain Yield exemplifies excellence by assisting its clients in maintaining the integrity of their assets.

International Reach

Our broad presence enables users to conduct foreign investments. We are a flexible partner who is willing to deliver to you regardless of your location. Our global expertise ensures we can assist you in complying with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you operate.

Benefits of Alternative Investments

Off-Chain Yields allow people to extract the benefits of alternative investments through their crypto. Recent regulatory improvements have made the alternative investment category accessible to participants of all levels. From real estate to precious metals, Fintech advancements have made alternative investments accessible to anyone. There are numerous advantages, including tax breaks and other sources of revenue.
Positive aspects of alternative investments

Few Connections to the Stock Market

For individuals who have made investments in the stock market, fluctuations are par for the course. As a result of market volatility caused by a variety of circumstances, you have likely experienced both pleasant wins and heartbreaking losses. Diversification is one method to prevent having all of your investments tied to such market volatility. Alternative investments are a fantastic means of diversification. They can give security against the volatility of the market and shelter some of your invested money.

Reduced Volatility

Alternative investments may also provide more stable and consistent profits than conventional assets. Typically, these gains will not be as substantial as market victories, but the return rate will be greater.

Passive Income

Your time is valuable, and many investors would like to sit back and watch their money grow simply. Managing a stock portfolio can be intimidating and requires substantial time, effort, and investigation. With certain alternative investments, you may benefit from passive income, while others handle the management responsibilities. Alternative solutions do not require a complete lifestyle change.

Tax Benefits

Additionally, alternative investments provide numerous tax advantages. Their status as long-term investment income and pass-through depreciation are 2 of the most advantageous tax advantages. These tax benefits allow you to retain a larger portion of your profits. If you engage in alternative investments that render you a partial owner, a part of your income will be treated as long-term capital gains. This will lead to more favorable tax treatment.
Depreciation charges for real estate funds reduce net income. The depreciation approach is optimal when the business is in oil and gas. This will assist in lowering your total taxable income.

Greater Possibilities

You will have access to possibilities that may not be accessible on the financial markets or in standard asset classes with alternative investing. This will afford you the ability to make investments that may be more appealing to you. It could also add the diversification you’ve been seeking to your portfolio. You have additional possibilities with startup capital, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and more.
You can also withstand emotionally charged economic downturns without succumbing to panic selling if you have no ties to the market.

A Stable Income

Numerous alternative private investments are meant to generate income flow. This implies that you can anticipate receiving a refund either monthly or quarterly. Some investments generate annual returns of 8 to 10%. This can provide an additional source of income without the need to liquidate investments.
Typically, the return is in the single digits. Therefore, investors who need help generating working capital from their illiquid investments will seek different investments to be suitable.


When investing in the stock market or in public investments, one purchases a paper asset. There are no genuine physical assets owned. Even with real estate investment trusts, it is highly unlikely that your name will appear on the title of any property they possess.
Numerous alternative investments offer tangible ownership. Your investment is supported by a physical, real asset, whether it be property or genuine items such as resources.